The Digital Humanities Research Unit (DIHRU)provides a vibrant research space for researchers seeking to explore the intersections of computer science and the humanities. It thus adopts a cross-disciplinary approach thatnurture innovative research pool research resources and insights from humanities research with those of computer and information science. It will adopt new methods study and analyze newly established big data sets, ranging from text corpora to digitized archives, audiovisual media and social media content. It will not however overlook the importance of how theoretical reflection can give research findings some meaning in historical and cultural contexts.

Our objectives:


  • Promote computer-based approaches to research in Language & Literature as well as other disciplines in the humanities.
  • Encourage and support  research activities that will stimulate and drive  computer-based studies in the humanities.
  • Provide an  enabling research climate  and mentorship for upcoming scholars.
  • Develop and Explore new theories  and methods  that will open new avenues.
  • Adopt new technological tools  to analyse and present results of research conducted from within the disciplines in the  humanities.
  • Unite the strengths of humanities research with those of computer and information sciences.
  • Utilise computer methods to study digitized archives, audiovisual media and social media content to give new meaning to human experiences   in their linguistic, social,  historical and cultural contexts.
  • Prepare and equip  future generation of scholars and researchers in the humanities  to adopt  scientific approaches to their research through seminars, workshops that will complement  classroom-based learning.
  • Develop scientific-based principles and practices that expand the scope , enhance the quality and increase the visibility of humanistic research(Schnapp, ibid).